Lunchtime Reading: April 25

Just booked my summer travel plans! In addition to visiting Ireland with my father in May, I will be doing a solo trip to Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, and Austria. I can’t wait! In honor of the upcoming adventures, today’s lunchtime reading will be travel themed! 🙂

  1. This tank top from Travel Smith is one of my must-haves for traveling! It’s got a nice weight, it’s not see-through, and it has the perfect neckline!
  2. 14 places that are most affected by climate change– visit them now before they’re gone! (CN Traveler)
  3. I haaaave to visit this little restaurant in the Alps while I’m in Switzerland– it’s literally on the side of a mountain! (Travel+Leisure)
  4. 39 things to do before you leave for a trip– this is a must read! (The Art of Manliness)
  5. How to look fresh after a long haul flight. (The City Sidewalks)
  6. Check out these 22 European villages that belong in a fairytale book! I’m thinking of visiting Bled, Gruyeres, and Hallstatt this summer. (Travel+Leisure)
  7. A nifty guide for all my fellow ladies traveling solo! (A Girl In Progress)
  8. The 10 best rooftop bars in the world. They all look gorgeous…I just can’t believe Marina Bay Sands in Singapore isn’t on there! (CN Traveler)
  9. I know it’s not the holidays, but I love all the travel-related gifts Belle posted in this holiday gift guide! (The Work Edit)
  10. This is probably my number one travel beauty essential! I love that it’s multipurpose, and also the packaging is so cute 🙂

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Lunchtime Reading: April 4

  1. An amazing office-ready capsule wardrobe. (The Everygirl)
  2. 10 little ways to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room. (Real Simple)
  3. I just ordered this sports bra from Lulu and I can’t wait to try it out!
  4. The art of the cubicle overhaul. (Babes Who Hustle)
  5. When I’m having a hard time staying motivated, this poem keeps me going!
  6. How to create a good home management binder. (Organize Home Life)
  7. A work-friendly nail color for spring. I love it! (The Work Edit)
  8. If you’re looking for a way to make your closet look more organized and cohesive, I highly recommend these hangers.
  9. Car accessories that will make your life easier– especially if you’re a mom! (Barefoot Blonde)
  10. This expat has some great advice for her fellow travelers! (Hitha on the Go)

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Lunchtime Reading: April 2

  1. Loving all of these tech backgrounds for the month of April! I have the rooftops one on my work laptop. (The Everygirl)
  2. I ordered this shirt for my friend who loves The Office, and I can’t wait to give it to her for her birthday!
  3. Obsessed with the lace skirt trend. This article shows a few varieties at different price points. (The Work Edit)
  4. The Taj Mahal is putting a time limit on visits. (CN Traveler)
  5. 6 tips for self-care that aren’t a face mask. (Girl’s Night In)
  6. 14 spring cleaning do’s and don’t’s. (Refinery 29)
  7. Here are 5 unglamorous beauty essentials for air travel. (Into the Gloss)
  8. Whether you’re single or married, these tips on becoming a better homemaker are super useful! (Young Wife’s Guide)
  9. This maxi dress finally came in the mail and I loooove it! So comfy and flattering!
  10. Still haven’t planned your summer vacation? Check out the perfect adventure-filled vacation to British Columbia. (Travel+Leisure)

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Lunchtime Reading: March 19

  1. I love my Fitbit Alta, but I wish it was more stylish. Maybe updating it with a leather band will help?
  2. In honor of Stephen Hawking’s passing last week, watch The Theory of Everything and be amazed.
  3. 11 things you should do the day before you leave for vacation. (Travel+Leisure)
  4. How to buy and style trench coats just in time for spring! (The Work Edit)
  5. Krispy Kreme now sells Nutella-filled doughnuts. What?!! (Bustle)
  6. What does it cost to be big on Instagram? (BuzzFeed)
  7. Nordstrom has the cutest home goods right now– love, love, love this tote and this sleeping bag!
  8. 14 new travel destinations to visit before everyone else does. (CN Traveler)
  9. A hip city guide to Madrid, courtesy of The Everygirl.
  10. Watching TV can help you learn a new language faster. (CNN)

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Lunchtime Reading: March 1

  1. 3 things I learned after moving to Europe to pursue a dream. (The Everygirl)
  2. A comprehensive guide for combating acne scars and dark marks. (Teen Vogue)
  3. I just ordered this skirt in pink and I can’t wait to try it! It’s a bit more feminine than I usually would go for, but what’s life without a few risks, right?
  4. Networking tips for introverts. (My Domaine)
  5. If you’re going on a trip any time soon, make sure you bring an emergency travel kit with you! (Barefoot Blonde)
  6. In-flight beauty rituals to steal from Sports Illustrated models. (Travel+Leisure)
  7. Trying to kick your phone addiction? Here are 5 tips to help you out. (Mashable)
  8. Where to watch all the Oscar-nominated films if you live in Washington, DC. (Washingtonian)
  9. I am in love with Hitha’s AM/PM series. Her newest on Rebecca Allen is a must-read. (Hitha on the Go)
  10. The Whitney has an amazing exhibit on the role of art in protest. (Smithsonian)
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Lunchtime Reading: February 27

  1. I found the cure for tired eyes: this concealer and this blending brush.
  2. If you’re visiting New York, don’t miss the Whitney, an amazing museum for modern and contemporary art. (CN Traveler)
  3. The spring cleaning checklist I’ll be using to freshen up my apartment. (Clean Mama)
  4. Modern feminism is ruining femininity. (Total Sorority Move)
  5. Once again, Timothee Chalamet absolutely kills the style game. (GQ)
  6. I ordered this sweater from Anthropologie and absolutely love it!!
  7. A guide to getting photogenic hands. (Into the Gloss)
  8. How to spend 48 hours in Aspen, Colorado. (The Zoe Report)
  9. It’s taking so much self restraint to keep from buying this gorgeous leather backpack from Everlane!
  10. Airlines could start charging different fares for different people. (Refinery 29)
  11. What a $1,500 rental budget will get you in cities across the U.S. (Urban Turf)

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Lunchtime Reading: February 8

  1. What I’m wearing: this hilarious tee-shirt, courtesy of Hitha.
  2. Marks and Spencer has the cutest one-pieces! Perfect for vacation 🙂
  3. I started reading The Defining Decade, and it’s great. 10/10 would recommend.
  4. A hilarious, brutally honest DC bucket list. (The Medium)
  5. Thirty travel goals for 2018. I want to do all of them! (CN Traveler)
  6. Not sure if I am excited for or terrified of the new K-beauty mask I got? (Allure)
  7. This weekend I saw Call Me By Your Name and it is my new favorite movie.
  8. Need some new workout jams? These playlists have you covered. (Refinery 29)
  9. Embracing the Danish idea of Hygge will make your winter suck less. (Darling)
  10. How to take better travel photos, according to a professional photographer. (The Everygirl)

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