Lunchtime Reading: December 21

It’s almost Christmas!!!!! How pumped are you?!

  1. Do these water add-ins for healthy skin work? I’m curious. (The Everygirl) 
  2. I ordered this sweater on a whim, but it was such a good decision! So comfy!!
  3. The secret behind the K-Beauty fad. (NY Times)
  4. Madewell is having a 30% off sale with $5 overnight shipping. I already bought this
  5. How to get the magic 500+ connections on LinkedIn. (Forbes)
  6. I just started watching The Crown on Netflix and it’s super interesting. 
  7. Thinking of royality, here’s the Royal Family’s Christmas Card. (Marie Claire)
  8. How to build your brand using Snapchat. (Create & Cultivate)
  9. Lots of people say this book changed their lives. Maybe a good winter-break read?
  10. This is such a cute understated-festive look for work! (Extra Petite)

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Professional Headshots

Professional headshots are a necessary evil in today’s digital world. You need something to put on your LinkedIn profile, and a selfie usually isn’t going to cut it, even if it’s a really good one. So what should you do instead? Hire a photographer to take a professional looking photo for you! This can be a little daunting, so here are a few do’s and don’ts I learned when I first got mine done!


  • Wear a simple top in a neutral color- think grey, white, navy, etc.
  • Ask your university’s career center if they do complimentary headshots– some do!
  • Create a Pinterest board with professional headshots that you like
  • Put on a little makeup: think foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara
  • Take your photo in a well-lit area, either near a window or outside on a cloudy day
  • Have a professional or semi-professional take your photo


  • Wear a bright colored top or one with a busy pattern
  • Go to your photo shoot with no idea of what you want your headshot to look like
  • Apply makeup with a heavy hand– this is for LinkedIn, not a Broadway audition!
  • Take your photo in a dimly lit area, dappled sunlight, or direct sunlight
  • Ask your friend who’s never seen a DSLR in their life to do the job

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