What I’m Doing on Friday Night

This weekend is going to be sooo busy– a trip to Hela spa (Jennifer is the best aesthetician ever!), brunch at Union Market, a camping trip to the Shenandoahs, church, and celebrating Mother’s Day! Tonight is my one free night that I have all to myself, so I’m taking advantage of it by 1) getting ready for next week b/c I won’t have time to prep on Sunday like I usually do and 2) relaxing because I will be on the go for the next 48 hours! So this is what I’m up to on my Friday night 🙂

  1. Reading this week’s Girl’s Night In newsletter to get all the staying in vibes!
  2. Wishing these white tassel earrings from Target weren’t out of stock! 😦
  3. Planning my trip to Europe this summer. I am equal parts excited and nervous!
  4. Re-watching The Office  (U.S. version obvs) on Netflix. I’m just starting season 6!
  5. Reading Home Sweet Maison, a super cute book about French homemaking.
  6. Doing my laundry so that I actually have clean clothes for Monday morning!!
  7. Spiffing up my apartment so that I can be sure to get my security deposit back when I move out. This article is a big help!

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Lunchtime Reading: April 4

  1. An amazing office-ready capsule wardrobe. (The Everygirl)
  2. 10 little ways to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room. (Real Simple)
  3. I just ordered this sports bra from Lulu and I can’t wait to try it out!
  4. The art of the cubicle overhaul. (Babes Who Hustle)
  5. When I’m having a hard time staying motivated, this poem keeps me going!
  6. How to create a good home management binder. (Organize Home Life)
  7. A work-friendly nail color for spring. I love it! (The Work Edit)
  8. If you’re looking for a way to make your closet look more organized and cohesive, I highly recommend these hangers.
  9. Car accessories that will make your life easier– especially if you’re a mom! (Barefoot Blonde)
  10. This expat has some great advice for her fellow travelers! (Hitha on the Go)

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Lunchtime Reading: February 27

  1. I found the cure for tired eyes: this concealer and this blending brush.
  2. If you’re visiting New York, don’t miss the Whitney, an amazing museum for modern and contemporary art. (CN Traveler)
  3. The spring cleaning checklist I’ll be using to freshen up my apartment. (Clean Mama)
  4. Modern feminism is ruining femininity. (Total Sorority Move)
  5. Once again, Timothee Chalamet absolutely kills the style game. (GQ)
  6. I ordered this sweater from Anthropologie and absolutely love it!!
  7. A guide to getting photogenic hands. (Into the Gloss)
  8. How to spend 48 hours in Aspen, Colorado. (The Zoe Report)
  9. It’s taking so much self restraint to keep from buying this gorgeous leather backpack from Everlane!
  10. Airlines could start charging different fares for different people. (Refinery 29)
  11. What a $1,500 rental budget will get you in cities across the U.S. (Urban Turf)

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