Lunchtime reading: December 5

  1. I am loving Alaina’s subtle take on decorating your bedroom for the holidays. (The Elizabeth Street Post)
  2. A gift guide for the men in your life, written by an actual man. (The Work Edit)
  3. If you’re looking for somewhere to make a difference this holiday season, consider donating to Hand in Hand.
  4. After following this Instagram account, all I can think about is traveling to Scandinavia.
  5. What is this Mercury retrograde that everyone is yammering about? (Farmer’s Almanac)
  6. The wardrobe essentials I need to make it through this winter. (Refinery 29)
  7. I’m intrigued by these winter hair trends. Especially the cider and spice. (The Zoe Report)
  8. Finally, someone said it: The Rise and Fall of the Basic Bitch. (The Everygirl)
  9. I can’t stop eating this for lunch. SO GOOD!
  10. Are conservatives in Silicon Valley the new counter-culture? (CNN)

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Countdown to Christmas Checklist

It’s finally December! This has to be one one of my favorite months of the year. As I write this, I’m sitting on my bed drinking peppermint hot cocoa 🙂 I love getting into the holiday spirit, but sometimes there can be so much to do that it’s overwhelming! Here’s the holiday checklist I’ll be using this year to keep organized and relaxed!

First week of December:

  • Order holiday cards to send out (and some cute Christmas-themed stamps too!)
  • Make a list of people who you want to send holiday cards to
  • Make a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for and start brainstorming gift ideas
  • Buy a live tree (or if you’re like me, set up your little artificial one!)
  • Decorate!!!
  • Put holiday activities on your calendar
  • Plan a Secret Santa gift swap at your office

Second Week of December:

  • Send out any presents that need to be mailed
  • Coordinate with relatives/ finalize travel plans as necessary
  • Give your boss a heads up if you plan on taking time off
  • Buy wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbons, etc.
  • Stock up on ingredients for warm winter drinks: hot chocolate is my favorite!

Third Week of December:

  • Wrap presents
  • Bake Christmas cookies– save half for yourself and give the rest to your neighbors!
  • Clean your place– this is a good idea whether you’re hosting guests or will be out of town. Nothing better than coming home to a clean home! 🙂

Thanks to Real Simple and Martha Stewart for inspiring this list, and to @sweetkentuckyholler for the photo!

November 30: Lunchtime Reading

  1. December is almost here, and that means it’s the perfect time to check out The Everygirl’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide (The Everygirl)
  2. I got this chocolate advent calendar from Trader Joe’s and I cannot wait to start it! 
  3. Bitcoin made headlines this week by passing the threshold of $10,000 per coin this week. Curious about what Bitcoin is? Read a primer on it here. (CNN)
  4. The awkward thing that happens when you lose weight. (Refinery 29) 
  5. This book is giving me major wanderlust. 
  6. I love the feeling of getting a “free” coffee, but is the Starbucks Rewards program really worth it? (Business Insider)
  7. The Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil line from Bumble and Bumble is ah-mazing. I was skeptical it would make my hair greasy and flat, but it actually makes if soft and voluminous! Love love love. 
  8. 30,000 person waiting list for a cardigan?! Please, tell me more. (The Zoe Report)
  9. Check out these no-fail gift ideas for secret Santa. (Lauren Conrad) 
  10. The holidays can be crazy and stressful. Don’t forget to relax and unwind. (The Blissful Mind) 

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November 28: Lunchtime Reading

This is the start of a series I’d like to do a couple times per week where I talk about things I find interesting. It could be news, travel advice, a BuzzFeed article, a cute clothing item– you name it! A few of my favorite bloggers do this, and I always love seeing what’s on their mind 🙂 Here we go!

  1. Came across this article on LinkedIn about the power of reading. Super motivating! (The Mission)
  2. I am obsessed with Kayak’s explore tool when it comes to planning future travel
  3. DC needs more coffee shops. On the list of America’s best coffee shops, DC was only listed once, compared to NYC and LA which got multiple mentions. (The Daily Meal)
  4. I can’t wait for this year’s haters guide to the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalog. Here’s the one from last year. (Adequate Man)
  5. As winter approaches, I’m preparing by reading about the Nordic concept of hygge.
  6. Speaking of cold, here are some tips on how to keep your skin looking great this winter! (The Everygirl)
  7. I want everything in Anthropologie’s gift guide! Especially this ornament and this dish towel.
  8. Cyber Monday sales are still going on. Check out Ann Taylor, Old Navy, and L.L. Bean for some amazing deals!
  9. Even if it’s only a couple minutes per hour, walking is really good for you. (NPR)
  10. I am in love with my new glasses from Bonlook! I got the Nadine in pitch black.

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The Best Cyber Monday Sales

I am such a fan of cyber Monday. Why? Because I get all the joy of shopping holiday sales without ever having to leave my bed! There are a ton of good sales this year– almost too many to pick from! Here are some of my favorite sales 🙂

  • Nordstrom: Extra 20% off select sale items, free shipping on all orders (no code needed)
  • Anthropologie: 20% off all items, free shipping on $100+ orders (no code needed)
  • Kate Spade: 30% off full-price items, 40% off sale-price items with code MOREJOY
  • J. Crew: 40% off, free shipping with code SHOPFAST

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Welcome to June’s Middle Name!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to June’s Middle Name– a blog about fashion, travel, career stuff, and plenty of other things too! I created this blog for my own personal enjoyment, but hopefully some of the posts will appeal to other ladies too. I will do my best to share my tips and lessons learned here! If you have ideas of things you’d like to see on the blog, let me know! I love hearing your thoughts 🙂