What I’m Doing on Friday Night

This weekend is going to be sooo busy– a trip to Hela spa (Jennifer is the best aesthetician ever!), brunch at Union Market, a camping trip to the Shenandoahs, church, and celebrating Mother’s Day! Tonight is my one free night that I have all to myself, so I’m taking advantage of it by 1) getting ready for next week b/c I won’t have time to prep on Sunday like I usually do and 2) relaxing because I will be on the go for the next 48 hours! So this is what I’m up to on my Friday night 🙂

  1. Reading this week’s Girl’s Night In newsletter to get all the staying in vibes!
  2. Wishing these white tassel earrings from Target weren’t out of stock! 😦
  3. Planning my trip to Europe this summer. I am equal parts excited and nervous!
  4. Re-watching The Office  (U.S. version obvs) on Netflix. I’m just starting season 6!
  5. Reading Home Sweet Maison, a super cute book about French homemaking.
  6. Doing my laundry so that I actually have clean clothes for Monday morning!!
  7. Spiffing up my apartment so that I can be sure to get my security deposit back when I move out. This article is a big help!

Feature image found here.

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