Lunchtime Reading: April 25

Just booked my summer travel plans! In addition to visiting Ireland with my father in May, I will be doing a solo trip to Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, and Austria. I can’t wait! In honor of the upcoming adventures, today’s lunchtime reading will be travel themed! 🙂

  1. This tank top from Travel Smith is one of my must-haves for traveling! It’s got a nice weight, it’s not see-through, and it has the perfect neckline!
  2. 14 places that are most affected by climate change– visit them now before they’re gone! (CN Traveler)
  3. I haaaave to visit this little restaurant in the Alps while I’m in Switzerland– it’s literally on the side of a mountain! (Travel+Leisure)
  4. 39 things to do before you leave for a trip– this is a must read! (The Art of Manliness)
  5. How to look fresh after a long haul flight. (The City Sidewalks)
  6. Check out these 22 European villages that belong in a fairytale book! I’m thinking of visiting Bled, Gruyeres, and Hallstatt this summer. (Travel+Leisure)
  7. A nifty guide for all my fellow ladies traveling solo! (A Girl In Progress)
  8. The 10 best rooftop bars in the world. They all look gorgeous…I just can’t believe Marina Bay Sands in Singapore isn’t on there! (CN Traveler)
  9. I know it’s not the holidays, but I love all the travel-related gifts Belle posted in this holiday gift guide! (The Work Edit)
  10. This is probably my number one travel beauty essential! I love that it’s multipurpose, and also the packaging is so cute 🙂

Feature image found here.

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