Lunchtime Reading: April 23

  1. Why do people conflate having bad skin with being a bad person? (Racked)
  2. 3 ways to reinvigorate your work ethic. (Babes Who Hustle)
  3. I ordered this honey mask from Sephora’s sale, and I love it! It tingles a little at first but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and looking super glowy!
  4. 7 email templates you’ll need when you start a new job. (The Muse)
  5. How to spring clean your space for less clutter and more self-care. (Girls’ Night In)
  6. Check out this cool “wedding black book” to see all the beauty prep one woman did for her wedding! (Into The Gloss)
  7. 50 positive affirmations you should tell yourself daily. (The Everygirl)
  8. Travel guide for the next big vacation spot: Malta. (The Everygirl)
  9. I just found Capitol Standard and it’s my new favorite hub for all things DC!
  10. 10 tricks used by women who age well. (The Zoe Report)

Disclaimer: feature image is not mine.

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