Lunchtime Reading: April 10

  1. I saw this calendar in someone’s office and fell in love! I want one so bad! Maybe in my next office? 🙂
  2. Now that we’re officially 1/4 of the way done with 2018, I re-visited my New Years Resolutions to see how I’m doing.
  3. 10 offbeat Airbnb rentals, from wagons to castles. I especially love the boathouse on the Seine in Paris! (CN Traveler)
  4. This is how the creative producer for Rag & Bone travels. (Hitha on the Go)
  5. Mother’s Day is next month, so to get you started here are 48 gift ideas for your mom! (Real Simple)
  6. Check out these 11 swimming pools around the world that will blow your mind. (National Geographic Traveler)
  7. The best seat on the airplane depends what you’re looking for. (Hitha on the Go)
  8. Start your day off right with a morning detox. (Barefoot Blonde)
  9. I am in love with this simple leather backpack from Everlane– and it’s on sale!
  10. Speaking of bags, how cool are the Apolis City Market bags?

Feature image found here.

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