Lunchtime Reading: March 21

It is snowing like crazy in DC today, which means pretty much the entire city is working from home! I stopped by District Doughnut for a midday work snack and the streets were pretty much deserted. I wonder how many inches we’ll get?

  1. How to hygge your work-space. (Babes Who Hustle)
  2. Speaking of work, I’m loving Spotify’s Metropolis playlist for when I’m doing busy work at my desk!
  3. Eight smart things you can do with your bonus (or tax return). (The Everygirl)
  4. This is why I didn’t hire you. (MSN via The Work Edit)
  5. If you have sensitive skin, this is the sunscreen for you. I have it and love it!
  6. Jasmine is the cool girl scent of 2018, and I am so here for it. (Refinery 29)
  7. 10 life-changing trips to add to your bucket list. (The Everygirl)
  8. Nordstrom is now carrying Anthropologie Home and I am so, so excited!!!
  9. For everyone getting hit by the Nor’easter today, here are 15 ways to have a grown up snow day. (Bustle)
  10. Look at this French Girl Starter Kit to channel your inner Parisienne. (Goop)

Feature image found here.

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