Lunchtime Reading: March 6

  1. My sister showed me this Facebook post last week and I am obsessed! Perfect way to brighten your day šŸ™‚
  2. In honor of Women’s History Month, order takeout from women-led restaurants thanks to Grub Hub’s RestaurantHER Initiative. (via Girls’ Night In)
  3. How women are rethinking the tattoo parlor. (NY Times)
  4. I love The Everygirl’s downloadable tech backgrounds for March!
  5. 31 empowering ways to celebrate Women’s History Month. (Bustle)
  6. I ordered this dress and this dress from Anthropologie. Both are a little out of my comfort zone but I’m excited to try something new!
  7. Why I traded in my iPhone for a flip phone. (Chicago Tribune)
  8. Is this the best new strapless backless bra? I will report back once mine comes in the mail! (The Everygirl)
  9. I seriously can’t get enough of ModCloth’s quirky and adorable clothes for spring!
  10. Nine things you should always wear while traveling. (Town and Country)

Feature image found here.

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