Lunchtime Reading: February 20

  1. Loving this comprehensive list of great places to buy lingerie online! (Racked)
  2. What to do on a snowy day in Paris. (CN Traveler)
  3. Movie review: Clint Eastwood’s The 1517 to Paris. (The New Yorker)
  4. 9 signs you’re in need of a vacation. (Travel+Leisure)
  5. Why did Beyonce sell shirts that literally said “Boycott Beyonce“? (The Atlantic)
  6. Fifteen books to read right now. (The Everygirl)
  7. My newest Instagram obsession: this 19-year old makeup guru from Dubai.
  8. Currently swooning over Timothee Chalamet, the actor our generation needs. (GQ)
  9. What I’m eating for snack: this Maple Pecan snack mix from Sahale.
  10. Why yoga pants are bad for women: an opinion piece. (NY Times)

Feature image found here.

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