12 Host/Hostess Gift Ideas

This week I’m going to Colorado to visit my brother and sister. It’s so kind of them to welcome me into their homes and offer me a place to stay. As someone who hosts people at my apartment frequently, I know this takes lots of time and energy! As a way to say thank you, I plan on bringing them host and hostess gifts. Here are a few gift ideas at a variety of price points!

Untitled design

  1. Personalized stationery set ($38)
  2. Camper ceramic cookie jar ($15)
  3. Instant film camera ($100)
  4. Love & Lemons cookbook ($18)
  5. What Do You Meme ($30)
  6. Stemless champagne flutes ($50)
  7. Bath soak ($18)
  8. Faux fur blanket ($50)
  9. Coffee table book ($43)
  10. Death Wish Coffee ($20)
  11. Linen tea towel ($24)
  12. Homesick candle ($30)

Feature image found here.

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