Lunchtime Reading: February 6

  1. The most beautiful coffee shop in every state. (Architectural Digest)
  2. I can’t get this song out of my head. It’s so infectious and happy!
  3. Is preventative Botox a thing? Apparently it’s a thing. (Allure)
  4. I heard about this book while listening to a podcast last week and I can’t wait to download it on my iPad and read it.
  5. The look for less: leather biker jackets. (The Work Edit)
  6. Looking for a cafe to sit in while you work or study? This website helps you find just the right place.
  7. Which is the fastest growing state in America right now? (NPR)
  8. The perfect three-day getaway in Charleston, SC. (Travel+Leisure)
  9. 44 essentials for the early 2000’s girl. (Thought Catalog)
  10. Speaking of nostalgia, anyone born in the 90s will remember this print. (Huff Po)

Feature image found here.

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