Lunchtime Reading: February 1

  1. Someone brought these brownies into work and I can’t wait to try out the recipe at home! (Sweet Anna’s)
  2. I recently discovered Eloquii and they have a lot of cute pieces for sizes 14-28!
  3. This is the perfect outfit for work—love the light neutrals! (The Work Edit)
  4. A great piece on self-care: how to hibernate healthily. (Darling Magazine)
  5. 14 ways to survive 14 hours in coach. (Washington Post)
  6. Some cute ideas for styling a wrap cardigan! (Extra Petite)
  7. I’m starting Accutane this week and in response to the stories I hear about it drying your skin out, I ordered this cleanser and this salve from Glossier.
  8. My new favorite Instagram: Drake lyrics on cake.
  9. Why book clubs matter in the age of tablets. (Publisher’s Weekly)
  10. This new gifting company is all over Facebook and I’m intrigued!

Feature image found here.

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