Lunchtime Reading: January 4

  1. What is hygge? (Refinery 29)
  2. Looking to get away? Here are the cheapest places to visit each month of the year. (Travel + Leisure)
  3. If air travel makes you anxious, these are the world’s safest airlines. (CN Traveler)
  4. Winter wardrobe essentials to help you make it through the next 3 months. (Elizabeth Street Post)
  5. Seven things successful women do in January. (The Everygirl)
  6. How Instagram changes the way we experience art. (NPR)
  7. Working from home? Here are some ideas of how to make the most of your day. (Business Insider)
  8. Use these tips to defend your wardrobe against snow, salt, etc. (The Work Edit)​
  9. Have you heard of Dagne Dover? She’s taking the handbag world by storm. (Forbes)
  10. Eight principles for self-investment. (The Medium)

Feature image found here.

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