Lunchtime Reading: December 28

1 Here’s how air travel is changing in 2018. (CN Traveler)

2 Is it true that America’s elite are over flashy handbags and Cadillacs? (The Quartz)

3 This is what the rich are spending their money on instead. (Huff Post)

4 What happens when teachers can’t afford to live where they teach? (NPR)

5 Seven things you can do now to start 2018 less stressed. (The Everygirl)

6 Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale is on. I already bought this hat and this beauty set.

7 The best brands for cute shoes that won’t kill your feet. (OGTBJ)

8 This mug is adorable and perfect for the office! (Babes Who Hustle)

9 I think Henry Thoreau would be obsessed with this startup. (Wash Post)

10 Going on a short trip? This website can help you plan the perfect whirlwind getaway.

Feature image found here.

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