Turning 23 Years Old

This past weekend I turned 23 years old. I was expecting it to be a letdown, because how could anything be as exciting as being legal at 21 or screaming the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s 22 on your big day? I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this birthday weekend 🙂

On Saturday I spent the morning at a new coffee shop which I looooved! It’s called Maketto and it’s part dim sum restaurant, part street fashion store, and part cafe.

I brought my laptop and caught up on work stuff and started applying for teaching volunteer programs. It felt good to spend my last day as a 22 year old planning for the coming year and being super productive and ambitious!

When I finished up at Maketto I walked home and on my doorstep was a delivery from Georgetown Cupcake! I actually ordered these for myself haha, but I seriously think that it’s worth treating yourself on your birthday! At first, I felt silly ordering myself something so extra, but if no one else is going to do it for me than I can do it for myself! The same thing goes for buying flowers. You’re worth treating yourself.

Fast forward to Saturday evening and I went to dinner at a super fancy restaurant downtown called Zaytinya. It’s this Greek/Turkish/Lebanese place, and it was amazing!!! 🙂 I went with just a few friends but we ordered SO. MUCH. FOOD. We got tzaziki tip and hummus and baba ganoush and pita bread to start out. Then we got Halloumi cheese and falafel and cauliflower and zucchini patties and Greek french fries and spanikopita for our “dinner.” We ended with a bunch of desserts– Turkish delight, rosewater ice cream, apricot Greek yogurt, olive oil ice cream (what the heck?!), Turkish chocolate coffee cake, Baklava ice cream, and walnut ice cream. I think the Turkish delight was my favorite 🙂 The whole time I felt so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing friends. I really hope they’re all at my birthday celebration next year 🙂

On Sunday I spent most of the day back at my parents’ house. My mom made my favorite meal for dinner (angel hair pasta with shrimp!) and I opened my presents and had cake with my family. It was a very chill day, but definitely a good one. I’m really excited to see what 23 holds!

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