Lunchtime Reading: December 14

1 Some common skincare mistakes that you might be making and need to stop right now. (The Everygirl)

2 Is it ok to take a sick day off from work even if you only have a cold? (CNN)

3 Speaking of feeling sick, here are some doctor-approved home remedies for the common cold. (Mayo Clinic)

4 Treat yourself to some of the best beauty products of 2017. (The Work Edit)

5 I had Fitbit’s Charge 2 watch, but it felt too chunky. Now I’m eyeing this one. Thoughts?

6 English basement apartments are very common in DC, but their natural light situation is simply non existent. Here are some tips for fixing it. (Apartment Therapy)

7 I’ve never been a big fan of winter, but creating a Pinterest board for the season has helped get me excited about the holidays and snow to come.

8 Things polished women do to look perfect 24/7. (The Zoe Report)

9 I’ve never been a Louis Vuitton fan girl, but I would totally go to the brand’s exhibit in NYC after reading about it here! (Elle)

10 Some tips on how to treat redness and sensitive skin. This is a must read! (Allure)

Feature image found here.

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