Lunchtime Reading: December 13

1 The mom jean trend is alive and well and I am here for it. My only questions is where can I buy them, aside from thrift stores? (The Everygirl)

2 Hitha is the master traveler, and she has blessed us with a look inside her travel makeup bag. (Hitha on the Go)

3  Kate Spade is having a surprise sale that ends tonight. I’m in love with this purse and this clutch.

4 The makeup you need to throw away before 2018 (The Zoe Report)

5 Some gift ideas for your fellow ladies in the office 🙂 (Lauren Conrad)

6 LinkedIn has some tips about how to bring holiday cheer to your office (LinkedIn)

7 Small decisions, especially with tech, can have big impacts. Here’s how.

8 It was 26 degrees this morning in DC and my skin was not having it! Time to whip out my favorite moisturizer.

9 I never thought about decorating my kitchen, until now. (Elizabeth Street Post)

10 If you don’t already follow The Work Edit, do yourself a favor and check it out now. Abra is doing some amazing giveaways right now!

Feature image found here.

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